ATTEN 2020 Symposium

In response to COVID-19 and to promote flexible attendance, the 2020 ATTEN Symposium was held online on 2nd December 2020. The symposium was attended by 31 members. The agenda for the day can be found at here. A brief description of each of the five sessions, recordings, and corresponding resources can be found below.

ATTEN State of the Union Introduction (Matt Bower)

In this session we briefly reflected on the relationship of ATTEN to a range of other organisations (ACDE, ACARA, ACCE, DATTA, ATEA, ASCILITE, SITTE), as well as the progress of ATTEN to date. We also discussed the challenges and opportunities we face, including:

  • Positively influencing teacher education
  • Establishing processes and culture
  • Coordinating and leading activities
  • Determining and maintaining membership
  • Sourcing funding
  • Raising awareness of ATTEN
  • Establishing positive partnerships
  • Conducting collaborative research

Presentation slides
Session recording

Structure of Digital Technologies in Australian Pre-Service Teacher Programs (Jo Blannin)

In the context of potential changes to the DT curriculum, this session explored what we might contribute to the discussion in the form of a collaborative position paper. During this highly interactive session (using Miro) we worked to unpack what we, as ITE educators, have learned in our 5 years working with the curriculum and what we want to highlight/promote/recommend for future iterations. By the end of the session we had a paper outlined, sections allocated for development and a core group of writers ready to go! Take a look at the Miro space and the session recording below.

Miro interactive activity link
Session recording (from 30mins 30 secs)

eSafety and Digital Citizenship in the Pre-service Teacher Education Curriculum (Leanne Cameron & Petrea Redmond)

The purpose of this session was to provide a snapshot of current eSafety/Digital Citizenship education in ITE programs. It explored the possibility of a joint research paper investigating the following research question ‘What approaches are Australian teacher education programs currently using to teach e-safety and digital citizenship?’

The Proposed data collection method (No surveys – yeh!) was that members of ATTEN provide assessment items from their ITE programs where they have identified they practice or assess ‘APST 4.5 Use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically’ within their accreditation documentation. Please contribute to the collaborative doc below.

Collaborative Google Doc
Session Recording

AR/VR/XR in Education – What are the applications and pedagogical opportunities? (Dave Ellis & Amber McLeod)

This session:

  1. Introduced immersive technologies, immersive pedagogies and their application for education.
  2. Discussed the possibility of collaboratively developing a research paper on immersive technologies in teacher education.

To capture the perspectives of the attendees, participants were be asked to  contribute their thoughts/ positions, and experiences with immersive technologies (such as AR/VR/XR)  focussing on the experiences of both teachers and their students. Please contribute to the collaborative doc below.

Collaborative Google Doc
Session recording

Digital and Educational Technologies Literature Review for Pre-service Teacher Programs (Matt Bower)

Pre-service teacher education programs relating to Digital Technologies and educational technology are ideally informed by research, yet this literature is disorganised and fragmented. In this session we shared the key literature that we use in our units, to form a repository that could be drawn upon by any university. As well, we discussed the possibility of collaboratively undertaking one or more literature reviews relating to effective approaches for:

  1. teaching Digital Technologies and Design & Technologies to children
  2. integrating technology into the classroom
  3. developing teachers’ Digital Technologies and Design & Technologies pedagogical capabilities
  4. developing teachers’ technology integration capabilities

Please take the time to add to the knowledge base, noting the different tabs for the different areas! Also add your name to a sheet where you would be interested in joining a collaborative literature review.

Collaborative spreadsheet knowledge base (multiple tabs)
Session recording